Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Where the Music Comes From


Upon waking up this morning I was saddened to hear that composer Lee Hoiby passed away yesterday.  I have only sung one of his pieces (an aria from his operatic adaptation of Tennessee Williams’ Summer and Smoke) but have always enjoyed his writing.  After a bit of YouTube trolling, I came across some highlights from his operatic “monologue” Bon Appetit! based on, and including text by, Julia Child.


OMG I just had the best idea!  Someone should totally make a movie version of this opera!! If only I could think of someone who could pull of playing this role.  Hmmm… … …


In all seriousness, though, his contribution to the realm of music is undeniable and luckily for us his music will continue to live on for years and years to come.

“Singers, you can’t fool them,” he said. “When they hear a song, they can tell right away if it’s going to make them sound good. And mine do.”  Lee Hoiby [via The New York Times]


Artist: Peter Stewart/ Album: Continual Conversations with a Silent Man, Songs of Lee Hoiby

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  1. That is some serious sneaking-in of the MF clip. Way to go.


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