Sunday, March 13, 2011

Voyage à Paris


Now, I realize that a lot of you read my blog and feel at times I may be a bit hyperbolic about certain aspects of my life.  It’s not that you’d be wrong, it’s just hard to pin-point exactly where those places are.  Oddly enough, I try and tone down some of the wilder entries and embiggen those that are more mundane.

I off-handedly mentioned in my post regarding Dead Man Walking a while back that Fredica von Stade’s performance in a YouTube clip was reminiscent of a certain customer who frequents Pottery Barn, Chantal.   Let’s just re-visit that video, shall we?


Aaaaaaaaaaaand this is Chantal (with the General peaking out in the background):

2011-02-23 15.47.11



Artist: Frederica von Stade, Martin Katz, Francis Poulenc/ Album: Voyage à Paris

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