Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Boy Named Sue


So remember the other day when I was really really craving a coffee? Well, this is the result:

2011-03-04 16.50.10


Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

2011-03-04 16.50.102

Ummmm… THAT’S NOT MY NAME!!!!!!


It’s actually quite shocking the number of times that my name is misspelled.   I can often see the thought process going on inside their heads as they are writing it:

So-and-so: And your name, sir?

Me: Joseph.

So-and-so: *writing* J-o-e… … … *pause*

Okay, so one of two things usually happens here. 

1. Realizing they have used the “e” in the wrong place and, seeing as how they technically don’t have any more to use, decide to just go on and finish out with the remaining letters.


2. Seeing they’ve already made one mistake they try to cover their tracks by spelling the last half of it correctly and hope I don’t notice the difference. (ie: Joeseph)

Hell, I’ve even had someone ask me “Is that ‘Joseph’ with a ‘J’?”  (You know, as opposed to Joseph with a 'K’?!?!  I mean, it’s not even like my name is Christen or Karin or something that might be spelled differently. 

Double-u tee eff, Starbucks!

Artist: Johnny Cash/ Album: At San Quentin

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