Monday, July 4, 2011

Who’s Smoking?


Our next destination was the city of Genk, Belgium (pronounced Henk [I think]) but the orchestra concert was held a short bus ride away in the town of Tongeren .  On the way out of Genk we passed a huge Ford factory where I am hoping to send the General on a foreign exchange program one day!  He really needs to work on his gas mileage and I’m hoping perhaps learning the metric system can help out a bit with that.

2011-06-29 14.04.29


There was a last minute change in the venue for the concert and it ended up being held in a “casino.”  I put that in quotations because it wasn’t necessarily a place for gambling but rather more of a dance hall type building which I’m about 80% sure was, in its former life, a Marlboro cigarette factory.  The place, and therefore everyone who stayed for more than an Augenblick, reeked of smoke.  Needless to say they did not have happy pair of soloists on their hands, much like my pair of vocal chords were not very happy with me as a result.

2011-06-29 19.46.13

View of the stage from the balcony


Backstage in one of the dressing rooms Lisette, one of the staff of the orchestra, and I found a cabinet full of costumes used for their version of Mardi Gras.  Naturally we couldn’t resist trying some of the items on for size:

2011-06-29 19.57.50



Sabrina and I also took the opportunity while the orchestra was rehearsing their other repertoire to explore the town a bit.  Naturally I had to get a picture of the…

2011-06-29 16.11.37



Directly across from the church was a large statue in the center of the square.  He’s ready for battle AND (apparently) to grill a mean kebab!

2011-06-29 16.23.55

Tonight in Kitchen Stadium: Battle STEAK!!


And finally, one of really only four reasons to visit Belgium:

2011-06-29 16.18.58

WAFFLES!!!!!!! (The other three being: chocolate, fries and my host family)


Artist: Jim Dooley/ Album: Pushing Daisies: Season 1

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