Saturday, July 9, 2011

The New Traffic Signs


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Eberbach was home to our fourth Brahms performance in Europe and everything went off without a hitch. There was even a special guest star who came from Landau to visit me and see the performance! 

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IT’S LENA!!!!!


For those of you who are new to the blog since the last tour, Lena was my host sister for our stop in Landau last year and we have kept in touch throughout the year, so when I knew I was coming back this year I sent her the schedule and she was relatively close to this stop and came to the performance.


With Mason from last year


Lena’s most noticeable talent— besides being a fabulous host—was putting up with the schoolboy immaturity that Mason and I unloaded on her.  Immaturity like this:


*giggle giggle* FAHRT!


So I was buh-thrilled when, for an early birthday present, she pulled this out of her bag and gave it to me:

2011-07-10 00.09.11



After the Brahms performance our group went back to the house for some post performance dessert and was joined by Zach, Zack, Josh, their host parents and the maestro from the Requiem!

2011-07-03 22.03.05 2011-07-03 22.05.06

Carole, Zack, Kate, Sabrina, Seth, Jessie, Zach, Josh, Maestro Achim and our host mom, Ute!


Sabrina and I decided to mix it up a little bit this time with our flower picture from this performance.  Ute had her own set of Ebers at her house… so what better way to remember our Requiem from Eberbach!!

2011-07-03 21.01.34

Get it little Eber!

Artist: The Advisory Circle/ Album: As the Crow Flies

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