Thursday, July 7, 2011

Do You Want Fries With That

Before we left Genk for our next stop we got a performance by the local flag group, Symbolica, who had done all of the arranging of host families and venues during our tenure in the city!


When asked by my host mother, Vera, what my favorite part of this stop was I was completely honest when I said it was just sitting around and talking (mostly joking and laughing) with her and her husband, Jan, and her niece and their family.  Yes, the trips to Maastricht and Brussels were amazing, but I felt at home with them!

2011-07-02 09.27.31

Our extended family!


2011-07-02 09.25.57

The Fab Four!!


Artist: Tim McGraw/ Album: Live Like You Were Dying

Bonus: Did you know that “french” fries aren’t really even French?  Any Belgian will be quick to point out that finer fact to you and rightfully claim ownership of those little greasy slices of heaven.  They take their frying very seriously here and seemed shocked that not all Americans have fryers built into their kitchens.  Glorious fryers like this one:

2011-06-30 17.48.27


  1. I have a frier...come home and we can use it while making cinnamon that enticing enough?

  2. We DO need fryers in our kitchens!!!


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