Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fire and Rain


In addition to touring the lovely Augsburg, one of the reasons for going to to the city was to see an open-air performance of Verdi’s Il trovatore in the evening.  Unfoooortunately Mutter Erde had other plans in mind and the opera was rained out. 

Sarah called her mother and informed her that we would be returning to Dillingen for the evening instead and when we got back there was an amazing dinner all set up for us!  Apparently this type of service is genuinely done during the winter months as, well, it tends to get a little steamy.

2011-07-13 22.05.41

Choose your meat (turkey shown here), cheese and/or vegetables; grill


2011-07-13 22.13.14

Place in empty skillet-y thing


2011-07-13 22.12.27

Finish cooking underneath the grill


2011-07-13 22.19.45

Remove when cheese is BUBBLY and devour!


It also doesn’t hurt (when in Bavaria, of course) to pair a delicious meal like this with some beeeeer.  And, since we’re on the subject, can I just put it out there that this case of 20 was only 10 euros!!!!

2011-07-14 12.35.29

2011-07-14 12.35.55



Artist: James Taylor/ Album: One Man Band

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  1. De-lecker is genaugenblick! Holy moly was that a good dinner.


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