Monday, July 18, 2011

Get It Get It


(I realize I haven’t posted in a bit but the last couple of days have been a bit busy what with all of the traveling back to the US and a quick stop back in Texas for my granddaddy Dan’s 85th birthday party.  More on all that later, though… still have a couple of more posts from my last stop in Germany to catch up on!)

The last leg of our European tour led us to Dillingen, Germany for a much longer duration than all of our other stops (we had two Brahms performances instead of the usual one).  Throughout the trip some of the choir staff had been using “Get It” as our go-to phrase whenever something good would happen and over the course of the tour it transformed into DillinGETIT the closer we got to our last stop. 

I was lucky enough to share a family with the choir director, Carole, and on one of our first days our host mother took us on a tour of the town.

2011-07-11 12.45.26  2011-07-11 12.50.53

View of the city and statue of a submarine built by 19th century engineer and resident of Dillingen, Wilhelm Bauer


2011-07-11 12.52.21

I don’t remember what this was but it reminds me of my trip to Heidelberg last year!


2011-07-11 13.04.21

Apparently this tower is where the German equivalent of Robin Hood was imprisoned before he was executed by being pulled apart by two horses.  At least I think that’s what I heard— Is that even right, Carole?!?


We also stumbled across one of our favorite things about Germany: A vending machine that sells BEER!!!

2011-07-11 13.24.39  2011-07-11 13.25.06

Can we also comment that it is 1,00 and 1,20 Euro please?!


And finally, Carole and I enjoying a delicious cup of coffee at home after the fabelhaft tour of the village!

2011-07-10 21.15.30


Artist: Scissor Sisters/ Album: Scissor Sisters

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  1. I THOUGHT CAROLE SAID NO PICTURES!!! : ) : )...this is amazing


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