Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Froggy Went a Courtin’


As there was not a venue (or, quit honestly, a town) in our next stop in France large enough to accommodate both the choir and the orchestra for the Brahms’ Requiem, Sabrina and I traveled separately to the village of Villard-Bonnot to perform our Puccini and My Fair Lady numbers with the orchestra while the choir went further south about 150 km to the village of Briancon.   I was lucky enough to be housed with Maestro Tony Porter at the chairman’s house and three fourths of our time was spend outside in their lovely backyard and garden.

2011-07-07 08.23.31 

2011-07-09 07.39.14  2011-07-08 20.00.02

The patio outside was engulfed by kiwi vines… WHAT!!


Being located in the French Alps also came with some stunning views. For instance, the one from our backyard:

2011-07-08 09.25.08


And now it’s time for the “French Stereotypes” portion of this blog post!  All of our meals consisted of about five courses, the second to last being a de-licious cheese platter with many of the different regions represented:

2011-07-08 19.35.30



Every morning when I would open the windows to let in some light and fresh air I was met by a lovely bit of escargot just waiting to be cooked!

2011-07-09 06.50.28


And if you have cheese and escargot, you know that frogs aren’t far behind!  I’ve only ever eaten frog legs once before when Catherine [side note—HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CATHERINE!!!] celebrated the third anniversary of owning the John Cleary Gallery but became quite a fan.  Sabrina was just a couple of houses down from my own and one night we went on a walk to a nearby creek and the frogs were just buzzing!!

Please watch!! It’s just 15 seconds long and has a special guest star!!


2011-07-09 07.54.26

Maestro Porter, Bruno and Christianne!


Artist: Elvis Presley/ Album: Walk a Mile in My Shoes


  1. awesome! i'm showing my kids the Ribbit clip so they can hear frogs with a french accent.


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