Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Big Dollhouse


Five staff members and our director, maestro Dr. Ott Carole, all shared one house for the Eberbach stop—and what a house it was!  Built in 1687, the building is actually comprised of two separate houses that have been joined together.  Originally, our host mom, Ute, only owned one of them but when her neighbors told her they were moving she quickly made an offer: “I wanted the garden,” was her retort.

2011-07-05 15.50.29

“I would think it was that house from Hansel and Gretel except it’s not made of candy.  Trust me, I already tried to take a bite.” ~ Sabrina


2011-07-05 10.54.14  2011-07-06 06.59.15



Having a house this fabulous also comes with certain perks.  Perks like having it appear on post cards for the city and seeing paintings of it for sale throughout the city:

2011-07-10 22.18.072

(excuse the poor picture quality, but it is a picture of a post card after all!)


2011-07-05 12.12.18



We had all planned on making a video of how massive (and how many stairs) were in the house but kept putting it off until we ended up having no time at all.  I did, however, want to make note of one very special set of stairs.  These led up to the fourth floor where my room was and, though it’s really hard to tell from the picture, was extremely narrow and even more extremely steep.  I said a certain prayer every time I went down them just hoping I wouldn’t slip and go tumbling down.

2011-07-06 06.22.28

“Our Lady of La Scala,  please help me to descend these stairs and arrive safely at the bottom.  Give us this day our daily Brahms.  Amen”  (Usually I’m a bit hyperbolic about these things, but I actually did say this about 5 times a day.)


And finally, one final shot with our host mother before we headed off to France for the next stop:

2011-07-06 07.12.39  2011-07-06 07.13.25

Our ensemble: Seth, Carole, Kate, Ute, Jessie and Sabrina!


Artist: Marc Shaiman and Scott Whittman/ Album: Hairspray

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