Friday, July 8, 2011

March of the Pigs


The next leg of the tour took us back to Germany and the town of Eberbach.  Resting on the Neckar (sp?) river, Eberbach had some stunning views!

2011-07-05 14.20.58

2011-07-05 14.59.16

2011-07-06 07.32.52

Fishing in the Neckar


For those of you not so familiar with the German language, the word “Eber” means boar in English, and as such it is the symbol for the town.

2011-07-05 14.41.28

An Eber walking over the Neckar (sp?) river


Across the city you can find numerous painted, ceramic Ebers.  According to our host mother, Ute, there are over 150 of them, but the majority of them are privately owned and cannot be seen by the regular tourist.  The ones that were are out in public, however, were quickly hunted down by Sabrina and me on our day off!!!!


2011-07-05 11.31.39  2011-07-05 11.31.56

2011-07-05 11.33.28  2011-07-05 11.51.38  2011-07-05 11.35.16

2011-07-05 12.22.36  2011-07-05 14.39.29

2011-07-05 12.10.20  2011-07-05 14.40.48  2011-07-05 12.02.04

2011-07-05 12.19.57  2011-07-05 14.45.12

BUT WAIT!  Sabrina managed to fine a free-range Eber in the wilderness and couldn’t resist hoppin’ on for a ride…

2011-07-08 13.50.18

To infinity and beyOUCH, I think I just pulled my Eberbach!! (Wah wah)

Artist: Nine Inch Nails/ Album: The Downward Spiral

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