Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Another Christmas Song


Last December I took the opportunity to discuss some of my favorite holiday traditions, ranging from my love of Maersk butter cookies to the annual return of CHRIMMUHTREEHEAD!!! 

One such post also dealt with the Christmas at Baylor concert DVD I get out every year and watch while I wrap presents and reminisce about being a part of the production. Besides that, there are only two other things I watch every year during the holidays, the first being the movie Love, Actually and the second being the subject of today’s post, Stephen Colbert’s 2010 Grammy award winning Christmas special: A Colbert Christmas- The Greatest Gift of All!. (If you’re unaware of who Stephen Colbert is, it might be easier just to direct you to his wikipedia page, should you care to know).  Some of you might remember certain songs from the special appearing on my holiday iTunes playlist from last year. 



At any rate, the special is a musical variety hour in which the character of Stephen Colbert gets trapped in his cabin in the woods and is visited by a myriad of celebrity guests: Toby Keith, Willie Nelson, Feist, John Legend, Jon Stewart, Elvis Costello and, oh yeah… Santa.  For your viewing pleasure, a couple of my favorite numbers from the special!!

Stephen getting’ things started with a plea for royalties


Toby Keith puttin’ a smack down against those on the wrong side of the “War on Christmas”


In which Jon Stewart attempts to sell Stephen on Hannukah:


Stephen and Elvis Costello warning that there are much worse things to believe in during the holidays

Here’s to you, legions of dispassionate dyspeptics!!

Artist: Stephen Colbert / Album: A Colbert Christmas- The Greatest Gift of All!

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