Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cover Up


My friend, Jamison, shared a link to “The Worst Classical Album Covers Of All Time. Ever. Really. Part I” from classical 91.5 out of the University of Southern California and one of them seemed holiday appropriate enough that I’m making a whole post about them!


Ummmmmmm… !!!!!! 


I’m pretty sure this is also as good a time as any to put up this ol’ thang from a master class I did with her several years ago at U of M:

Me and Jessye Norman

This is actually the SECOND picture I took with her.  In the first one I looked awful so you best believe I went back to get another one.  (That’s right, this incident was not the first time I had done that)




Obviously lighthearted fair like the Mario Brother’s theme aren’t included



I’ve already discussed on here previously how Brahms is a good part of your daily breakfast routine.  I do take a bit of exception with the title of this album, though, because I’m pretty sure that I’ve already proven that, in fact, SABRINA and I are the best of Brahms!!



And finally, with a bit of help from our friends in the German auto industry, Wagner’s Die Walkure


Artist: Stefy / Album: The Orange Album

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