Monday, July 8, 2013

The Windmill


After our stroll through Flensburg we hopped over the border into Denmark and stopped at a hot-dog stand to grab a traditional Danish polser, which, apparently, many hot-dog aficionados consider to be one of the best in the world. 

2013-06-24 13.16.42

A polser consists of the meat, sliced pickles, raw and fried onions and a sauce of some type


The view wasn’t too shabby, either, as we could look out onto an island along the border of Germany and Denmark. 2013-06-24 13.41.32


Lunch devoured, we headed to the nearby city of Dybbol, home of a famous windmill and memorial site for a battle between the Danes and Germans.  As my host described, the northern Germans and southern Danes had a long history of fighting between them and even attempted to draw comparisons to Texas’ relationship with Mexico.

2013-06-24 14.54.46

2013-06-24 14.56.23 2013-06-24 14.59.08


Never one to miss a good photo opportunity on a giant, hot metallic object I thought these two cannons looked a little lonely.

2013-06-24 14.53.26

2013-06-24 14.49.43  2013-06-24 14.51.58



Artist: Danny Elfman / Album: Sleepy Hollow

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