Friday, July 5, 2013

Fish in My Dish


On one of our free morning/afternoons our host family took us on quick trip to visit the nearby shipping canal and to enjoy some tasty tasty seafood at a restaurant right off the water.

2013-06-22 12.03.18



Our first stop was to see the underground pedestrian tunnel that connected the two sides of the canal, which begins with a looong elevator followed by and even loooooonger walkway.  The numerous o’s denotes length, obviously

2013-06-22 11.54.56  2013-06-22 11.52.14

2013-06-22 11.56.43

Miniature model of the tunnel


Should you need to get across by car, there is an alternative route which involves getting on a motorized carriage. 

2013-06-22 12.11.56

2013-06-22 12.10.14  At least it’s not a long drop!


But the real reason we came to the canals was for lunch at one of our hosts’ favorite fish restaurants, and it did NOT disappoint. 

2013-06-22 13.49.21  2013-06-22 13.47.21

When looking at the menu it was a. impossible to know which fish was what in English or b. narrow down to just one, so I just ended up getting the sampling platter of about 10 different kinds.  I’d say the most surprisingly enjoyable piece was boiled eel in sour jelly… fo’ realz.

2013-06-22 13.09.40

De-lecker!  Where are the Roberts Matt I and II when you need them?!


All in all it was a quick trip, but nice to visit the canal, watch the ships go by and chow down on some delicious fresh fish!

2013-06-22 13.48.28

You’re doing it wrong!!! Aren’t you supposed to be under the water??


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