Thursday, July 4, 2013

Having a Party


The entire town came out to celebrate Blue Lake’s trio of concerts on the night after the orchestra party, setting up a tent near the hall and repaying us Americans with an evening of dinner and their own entertainment.

We were greeted by, um, these things…


If only the monkeys were real


2013-06-22 21.37.29


The fire brigade cooked the meal for everyone and could barely manage to eat themselves because they were so helpful.

2013-06-22 20.31.12

Ain’t nobody got time for chairs!


Throughout the evening they had several groups providing some mealtime entertainment, from a drumming ensemble (with the help of a couple of Blue Lakers on stage) to a teen dance squad to a group of Sea Shanty singers.

SONY DSC                      2013-06-22 19.56.18

Kelli, the choir conductor, is loving it … Aaron, the principle cellist, is un-italicized loving it


2013-06-22 20.38.44

Aaaaaaand kick



Errbody together now!


Artist: Rod Stewart / Album: Unplugged

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