Monday, July 1, 2013

Like a Star


Our second stop on the tour was a thirteen hour bus ride from Landau to the town of Kropp, located in the northern most German state of Schleswig-Holstein.  The region was an important trading route for the Vikings from 800-1200AD and continues to be a prominent trade location due to it’s vicinity to both the Baltic and North seas.

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I was housed this time with Giustino, one of the choir counselors.  Because the soloists were not required to stay in the cabins with the campers or work with the choir during May weekend and intensive week, this was a nice opportunity to get to reassure at least one of the staff members that we weren’t all divos and divas. 

When we got in the car with the host family, the first words they said were: “We have a small problem…”, which isn’t exactly what you want to hear upon immediately coming into a new town.  Basically they said that they had either one small fold out sofa bed which we could share or one person could use the camper in the back yard.  My first instinct was to just share the small room and not have to deal with the camper, but then I wouldn’t get to blog about the experience.  Plus… for the first time ever I got to utter “If you need me, I’ll be in my trailer.” 

2013-06-23 09.06.07  2013-06-25 05.31.12

I do it all for you, dear readers!  Well, that and the ability to have a room to myself


Our host dad was quite the shutterfly and printed off some pictures from one of the performance, so naturally I decided to do a little bit of decorating to my temporary abode.


I’m not sure this is exactly helping my divo reputation with the choir staff :-/  I SAID GREEN M&M’s ONLY!!


We had many fantastic evenings talking with our hosts about the rich history of the region, politics and music.  Much more to come later!

2013-06-25 06.08.23

Giustino and I with Herr and Frau Weber


Artist: Jane Monheint / Album: The Lovers, The Dreamers and Me

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