Sunday, July 8, 2012

Don't Blow This Putt


Today is the first birthday I will have spent in the States since 2009 and there is certainly something to be said for being on your home turf.  Every other Sunday here at Blue Lake is the final day of each session, followed by a three day break for the faculty who are returning to teach the next session.  As such, many of my new found friends will be headed out directly after lunch and it wasn't exactly possible to plan some type of party.  Fear not, though… that's what Friday nights are for!

ANY chance to get away from the camp cafeteria is quickly taken and I was lucky enough to find the Hearthstone, a bistro in nearby Musekgon.  Let's just take a comparison of the two, shall we?


Blue Lake


2012-07-06 18.39.46  2012-07-06 18.59.33

Cheddar cheese soup with popcorn and cheese puffs (!) / pommes frites; roast beef, goat cheese, and grilled asparagus tartine


It really is hard to express how grateful I am for everyone who showed up… all 20 of y'all!  Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the group, but someone was nice enough to get a shot of my birthday dessert.


That woman in the background was loooving the singing.  "They MUST be from that fine arts camp nearby!," she was overheard saying.


After dinner a group of us made our way to Putter's Creek for some good ol' fashion putt-putt golf and go-cart racing.  I'd love to offer some of the juicier quotes from the game but let's be honest… get a group of adults playing putt-putt and the evening is nothing but sexual innuendo.


One would think I was turning 12 lol 


IMG_20120706_233314  Lonel (Rodolpho): "We got a Bagger Vance up in here!" ;)



Strike a pose!: Tiffany (Musetta), Terrance (Marcello), Ele (our costume designer extraordinaire) and her adorable daughter.


2012-07-06 20.23.18

Carole and Jolene: comment redacted by Standards and Practices



I lost by one point (and only took one McGonagall in the process)!


Michigan has been enduring a heat/humidity wave in the last week and ending the evening with a go-cart race seemed to be the most logical way of forcing a breeze upon ourselves, if only for five minutes.


Me, Andrew and David (our director).  From the looks of this picture it would appear I won the race!!! [Shut your mouth David, it's my birthday]


I am genuinely touched that so many people came out and apologize for those of you of whom I didn't get a picture.  Thanks to all y'all for a fab.u.lous celebration!!


Artist: Bob Baker / Album: Talking to the Ball

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