Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Man in the Box


I'm always up for some equal opportunity birthday celebrating and as luck would have it there is another Blue Lake celebration to be had today!  More specifically, though, it's the first birthday of Giuseppe Mezzadri, the son of Danilo and Susan Ruggiero-Mezzadri (the flautist and soprano from our La Boheme production, respectively).  More specifically specifically, I was lucky enough to spend the mornings of first session here at camp babysitting this sweet lil' stinker!


Scrunch your nose!


As many of you wish small children are aware, sometimes it's the simplest things than can provide the most amusement.  For example…


Diaper boxes are waaaaay more fun than diaper changes


Don't worry, 'Seppe, you can still play with them when you grow up… as is evidenced by my former stint at Pottery Barn a couple of years ago. Though, from the looks of it you are a bit more adept at it than I was!

IMG00038  IMG00039

I'm pretty sure this was off the clock … ?? :-/


With the exception of the fact that he was teething, Giuseppe was absolutely no trouble at all.  After one of his bottles he fell asleep on top of me and I was too worried moving him would wake him and so I just let him snuggle for an hour :)




Happy first birthday, boo! 


Artist: Alice in Chains / Album: Facelift

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