Thursday, July 5, 2012

On the 4th of July


I had the pleasure of spending yesterday's July 4th celebration off camp (and in the States for the first time in two years) at Josh and Leah's house doing all those wonderful Summer things our founding father's had in mind when splittin' from ye Old England: grilling, fireworks, beer and friends!



We were also joined by Josh's parents, who were in from Illinois, both of Leah's assistants from Blue Lake, and a couple from across the street.  Not just any couple, mind you, but part of North Muskegon's political elite—the wife was the first female city counsel member who then went on to become the first female mayor of the city! (Which, unfortunately, is probably not what the founding father's had in mind :-/ )

My contributions to the evening were two of my go-to fav's: Jezebel sauce (a spicy jelly concoction served, of course, over a block of cream cheese) and watermelon salsa.  And what Summer in Michigan is complete without Bell's Oberon!

IMG_20120705_085937  IMG_20120704_182641


Josh also picked up some de-licious burgers from Mac's Meats and Country Road Bakery in the nearby town of Rothbury. I'm just gonna go on and put it out there that these burgers could kick your burger's ass from here to the Canadian coast.


Grill, baby, grill!


After dinner we headed out to the "party-o" to enjoy the fireworks display to be held over the nearby lake. 


Please note… the presence of fire does NOT equate to a chill in the air


While we were waiting for the sun to set, the former Mayoress told the group about a recent death in another nearby community.  Apparently a local man who had run a fireworks stand every holiday season recently passed away and requested only one thing: that his remains be packed into a firework and shot off over the lake during the festivities. 


R.I.P Tom: As it oft repeated in these somber moments: Earth to Earth, ashes to ashes, dust to highly-combustible-multicolored-dust and GOD BLESS 'MERICA!


Unfortunately my phone battery died before the official show began so I have no real evidence of the real display.  At any rate, here's hoping everyone had a fun and safe holiday!


Artist: James Taylor / Album: October Road

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