Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Close to the Border Line


This recent story on the Norwegian butter shortage reminded me of a story that Vera, my host mother in Belgium this summer, told me when crossing the border into the Netherlands for our trip to Maastricht.


Vera explained to us when crossing the border that women from Belgium used to go to the Netherlands and smuggle back butter (apparently it was some good shiz back then).  In order to do so they would sew secret pockets in their dresses and once the police figured out they would stop the women and “detain them for questioning” in a really really hot room.  That way, if the women actually were smuggling contrabuerre then it would melt fairly quickly into their clothes… otherwise, if there was no liquid butter to be found after a couple of minutes, they would be set free!. Oh you crafty, cholesterol hating Dutch!!


Artist: Billy Joel / Album: Glass Houses

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