Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rainy Days and Mondays


I was awoken yesterday morning at the crack of dawn (9:00 am—it was my day off) by the perpetual booming of thunder and offhandedly checked the weather report for Houston to discover a GIANT RED DOT headed right for Houston.  Now, mind you, I love nothing more than staying in, wrapped up in a blanket, to watch movies in the rain.  That was… until I got this text message from Catherine:

Catherine: Uh, this is Robert’s Carpet.  If you go out, will you swing by the gallery?  If you don’t, no worries. If it floods, then it does.  Ugh.


No relation, btw


For those of you unfamiliar with the vicinity of Robert’s Carpet to the gallery… let’s have Senor GoogleMaps help us out a bit, shall we?


Yup, that would be 358 feet


Being five minutes away from the gallery means that it’s easy easy to get there if need be, and when I got to the parking lot I was greeted by what I am affectionately referring to as the “Tiny Charybdis of Richmont Square”:

If you listen you can hear it’s twin on the other side of the lot!



Luckily everything was dry as a bone in the gallery and no last minute art saving had to be done. I later read in an article on cnn.com that over 7,000 people (that would be the entire population of my hometown, Crockett, mind you) were without power in Fort Bend County alone and that the rain came so quickly that in just ten minutes 1.6 inches of water fell, leading to a total of 6.3 inches in 12 hours.  This picture I saw floating around on facebook just about sums it up.


Artist: The Carpenters / Album: Classics, Volume 1


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