Thursday, January 19, 2012



It has widely been reported this morning that our very own Gov. Rick Perry will be dropping out of the presidential race today.  In honor (?) I thought I’d repost a couple of pictures and their respective captions from the Things That Are Less Steep Than Rick Perry's Drop In The Polls article I've seen floating around.


“The Matterhorn, an icon of the Swiss Alps, seems to be mother nature's perfect illustration of Rick Perry's South Carolina numbers. It starts out so tall, so majestic, but what goes up must ultimately come down.”



Roller Coaster

“New York's Coney Island Cyclone. This iconic roller coaster was built in New York in the late 1920s. And the name fits Perry's campaign: fast, rickety and a lot of fun along the way. Except for him”



Falling Star

“A wish on a shooting star might be the Texas governor's best shot at becoming president in this election cycle. South Carolina probably isn't.”




“Hang 10, Rick! We're guessing Perry's more the land-locked type, but even these big swells are mellower than Perry's plummet in the South Carolina polls.”




“Like this life-size brontosaurus, Perry's campaign started out larger than life. But where things stand today, Perry's campaign down south is going the way of the dinosaurs. (Who we're sure roamed Earth only a few thousands years ago.)”


“Remember the Alamo, Rick. But don't check out the roof - it might bum you out.”


Artist: Florence and the Machine / Album: Lungs

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