Monday, October 31, 2011


I mentioned last year that I’m not exactly gung ho about dressing up for Halloween.  It’s not that I think it’s silly or immature or whatever… I just honestly can’t be bothered with it. I typically just wear orange and call it a day but thought I’d one up myself (only just a bid) and got my “costume” from shirt.Woot, which I have mentioned here a couple of times before


Laundry Day  halloween2

“Laundry Day” close up; don’t I look thrilled?!? I’m helping pass out candy at Catherine’s house tonight and she loaned me the cape!


I also mentioned in the post from last year that it’s not like I never dressed up as a kid—in fact it’s quite the contrary.  I think I specifically mentioned a certain year when Liz Kelly and I went as Superman and Supergirl (and Jenny Yates’ costume was all abuzz with the mom's because it was from Neimans or something fancy!) Since then I have gotten the visual proof of it and other childhood Halloween’s past!


Able to leap tall… stumps?


It actually wasn’t uncommon for Liz and I to go as a duo:


*cough* Cam *cough


If not a duo then at least in tandem:


With her brother, Daniel (far left), and my brother, Matt Dr. Roberts (far right)


And finally, a non-costumed picture that is still Halloween appropriate (and is still a good representation of me and my brother).


I’m putting on a show and Matt’s doing all the work!


Artist: Barbra Streisand / Album: Superman

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  1. That is the funnest thing ever!
    1. You and Liz are precious.
    2. You DO look like Cam!
    3. That you are wearing the pumpkin top as a hat is just plain awe-some.


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