Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Every Day a Little Death


So apparently I’ve just given up on blogging, huh?  October of last year I made it a point to do a blog post a day… this month I’m up to a whopping three.  So, in order to get back in the biz, I’ve decided that since there is a little less than a week to Halloween I would feature an appropriately seasonally themed animated short a day until the 31st!

Our first installment, The Lady and the Reaper, is an Academy Award nominee (2009) and follows the tale of an elderly woman who is waiting for death in order to be reunited with her long passed husband.

The lady and the reaper from Hormoz Zamanpour Siahkal on Vimeo.

Why do they all talk like Sims characters?!?!


Artist: Stephen Sondheim/ Album: A Little Night Music


  1. I love your blog. I truly, madly, deeply do.

  2. That was wonderful. I do count on you to find these gems for me. Now I want to find the one that actually won the Academy Award in 2009!


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