Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tea Pot


Even though the European leg of the tour was over Sabrina and I still had a mini-tour of sorts around parts of Michigan with both the choir and the orchestra, so the day after my granddad’s birthday party I flew back up to Chicago and then over to Detroit.  The first leg, however, was just the Puccini and My Fair Lady numbers with the orchestra in two separate towns: Midland and Saginaw.

Some of the orchestra staff, along with Sabrina and I, were lucky enough to have the H Hotel in Midland as our “host stay,” which turned out to be a very nice respite from the craziness of what seemed like a solid three days of travel.  And by respite I of course mean… I had a king size bed and room to myself.

2011-07-24 09.29.05

The Lobby of the H Hotel


2011-07-22 16.31.49   2011-07-22 16.31.14

Sabrina and I adding a bit of lobby foliage to our attire.  (Eric better stop photo bombing or our host mom from Minden is going to hunt him down again!)


Unfortunately, due to vocal exhaustion I was unable to sing the first performance in Midland.  If you know me then you know it must be serious if I am on complete vocal rest for three days straight.  Sabrina became my interpreter and we became known as the Blue Lake equivalent of Jay and Silent Bob.  One of the hotel staff found out and delivered this buh-mazing tray of teas and lemon and honey!

2011-07-22 14.39.53


Luckily, I was able to perform on the second concert in Saginaw at the Temple Theater… and thank goodness because what a beautiful space it was!

2011-07-23 18.25.18

2011-07-23 18.09.04

2011-07-23 18.10.58


Though we didn’t have a home in the literal sense of the word, the chairwoman for the two communities was the one who took care of all our accomidations and food and was our de-facto host mom… and what a fabulous one she was!

2011-07-24 09.39.06

Thank you, Lois!!!!!


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