Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Back of a Truck


We’re gonna take a brief pause from catching up on the last couple of posts from the Blue Lake homecoming tour because I wanted to post something that I saw last night while driving to have dinner with my friends Will and Aaron, who were visiting nearby Dodge, TX for the week.

The drive on I-45 N at 5:30pm isn’t exactly the quickest of drives and stops occur frequently due to general congestion and the occasional accident.  So it wasn’t much of a surprise to have to stop for a while.  That is, until three fire trucks and about eight police cars meandered their way through the traffic.  Oh yeah and the two news helicopters I could see floating a couple of exits down.  It wasn’t until I detoured on the feeder road that I discovered this was causing all the fuss:



Needless to say it made the news this morning (and even showed up on Gawker!)

PS— For anyone interested I actually took my picture while stopped at the stoplight on the feeder… just sayin’


Artist: Regina Spektor/ Album: Eleven Eleven

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  1. The news even mentioned you! "Gawking drivers snapping pictures with their cell phones."


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