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Today is National S’mores Day and the perfect day for me to do a bit of retro-blogging.  A while back in March when my friend Lembit came to visit for the Houston premiere of his oratorio And Then I Remembered we tried out a recipe for s’mores milkshakes that I learned from another friend of mine, Zach

Step 1:  Broil marshmellows in oven until toasted

2011-03-13 19.27.45

2011-03-13 19.29.30

Step 2: Blend together with your ice cream of choice, preferably vanilla or chocolate (or both) but definitely BLUE BELL, and Nutella

2011-03-13 19.28.54  2011-03-13 20.57.36


Step 2.5: Add Speculoos spread if available. 

Some of you may remember my birthday post from this year as well as a bit of a security snafu when flying back into the country how much I love the Speculoos cookie spread.  WELL, folks… I’m giving you a bit of an exclusive here because you Texans can buy the stuff at Central Market!!!!!!!  Now, to be fair it is delicious in the same way that American Nutella is delicious.  And by that I mean the European versions are made with slightly different ingredients and tend to be more buh-mazing, but the stateside versions are still very very good.  Point of order… they also sell just the plane cookies as well but do not have the “cruncy” version :(


(Instead of Speculoos spread make sure and look for Biscoff spread)


3. Pour and enjoy!!!!



Artist: Kelis/ Album: Tasty

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