Friday, April 27, 2012

Loveliest of Trees


The last Friday of April is set aside annually in celebration of National Arbor Day, a holiday which encourages the planting and caring for of trees and other foliage.  According to our good friend, Wikipedia, it originated in Nebraska during the early 1870's and has since spread to a global level.

What better way to celebrate the greenest of holidays with a vertically integrated product: trees make paper, photographs are printed on paper, photographs on paper look FABULOUS on your walls!  See the logic there?

So in honor of the 140th Arbor Day here is a small forests' worth of the photography world's best trees!


Mitch Dobrowner: Wind Swept Tree


Maggie_Taylor_Oh_Happy_Day  Jerry_Uelsmann_Untitled_1969

Maggie Taylor: Oh, Happy Day      |      Jerry Uelsmann: Untitled, 1969


Josef_Hoflehner_Elephant_Hill_Pathway  Jeffrey_Conley_Snow_Covered_Branches

Josef Hoflehner: Elephant Hill Pathway      |    Jeffrey Conley: Snow Covered Branches


central park #21

Takeshi Shikama: Central Park #21



Jeri Eisenberg: Magnolia, No. 9


22_Forever  Michael_Crouser_Girl_and_Tree

Susan Burnstine: Forever    |    Michael Crouser: Girl and Tree



Brett Weston: Holland Canal


Charles_Grogg_Bonsai_(Juniper)  Jefferson_Hayman_Tree_Central_Park  Keliy_Anderson_Staley_Plum_Tree_Connecticut

Charles Grogg: Juniper Bonsai  |  Jefferson Hayman: Tree in Central Park  |  Keliy Anderson-Staley: Plum Tree


David Fokos: Haybales, Ripsa, Sweden

Henry_Gilpin_Trees_Reflections  Dan_Burkholder_Tree_in_April_Snow_Catskills_Sm

Henry Gilpin: Trees, Reflections    |    Dan Burkholder: Tree in April Snow, Catskills



Niniane Kelley: Palm


Brad Moore: Roosevelt, Huntington Beach, California


Pine-ing for any of these images?  Don't have a collection and looking for one to take root?  Already have one but looking to branch out?  Want me to stop with these ridiculous tree jokes? Don't be such a crabapple! Come into the John Cleary Gallery or give us a call and we'd love to help find that perfect photograph for you.


Artist: Bryn Terfel / Album: The Vagabond and Other English Songs

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