Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Good Stuff


In addition to having a rotation of different cars coming in and out of the premises, the Art Car Museum (mentioned in a previous post), also has exhibition spaces dedicated to non-automobile related art as well.  The current show, the 7th Annual Open Call Exhibition, is exactly just that:  an open call for art and once the walls were filled they stopped accepting.  Though it was too late to enter this year, I’m pretty sure I have something on my own wall at home that would be PERFECT for next year:


picplz 2011-12-27 22.20.06



Up until my most recent move I had yet to find the perfect place for my deer from home.  Luckily, with a bit of help from West Elm and my good friend, Tito, that problem has now been resolved quite to my satisfaction.

Those of you who are more taxidermically minded (or even meme minded) may be wondering to yourselves: Is that a Chuck Testa original?!?!  And for those of you who weren't, you might now find yourselves wondering: Who the hell is Chuck Testa?!?! 

Ask and ye shall receive:


Artist: The B-52's / Album: Time Capsule


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