Monday, September 20, 2010

Pictures at an Exhibition

Last weekend I went to an exhibition opening at a the John Cleary Gallery where my friend Catherine works.  The gallery, which specializes in photography, is a part of a larger collection of galleries in the vacinity referred to generally as “gallery row.”  All of the galleries coordinate their openings for the same night and have a huge open house with the artists in attendance.  For two hours there are throngs of people hopping from gallery to gallery and enjoying wine wine wine.
John Cleary

I really love overhearing people talk about art… there were definitely a lot of interesting conversations overheard throughout the night

artsy girl
she’s so “artsy”!

My NEW friend Monica, a co worker from Pottery Barn, went with me and we had a blast!
waspy benneton
Here we are auditioning for the re-boot of the Friends franchise.  You know, except with us this go around will be funny. 

We both really liked this artist, but I can’t remember what his name was, so … sorry if you wanted to know.

don quixote
We decided to call this one “Anxious Don Quixote and Sancho Panza”

We also agreed that Pottery Barn needed to start selling this lamp.  It’s totes better than the Architects Task lamp.

Sorry I don’t have a photo with Catherine, but as the woman in charge the was schmoozin’ and workin’ the crowd and I didn’t really think it would be appropriate for me to pull her aside for a blog shot!

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  1. That's fantastic, Joseph! Next time we will totally pose! The artist you like is also one of my favorites from "The Row" - Mattox, from Hooks-Epstein Galleries. Gros bisous!


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